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Mom's video goes viral: Boy with Down syndrome inspiring


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CINCINNATI (Angela Ingram) -- A boy with special needs and a love for dancing is starring in his mother's videos and inspiring a nation. Dehvin Brown has Down syndrome but the 12-year-old doesn't let anything get in his way. If there's a song on he likes Dehvin will move to it. His mother affectionately calls him "Dancing Dehvin and in a YouTube video, Dehvin has been viewed nearly 2 million times on Facebook. Dehvins mom, Kenya Flowers, said, For it to go viral, I don't know what happened! I had posted it back in February. We probably got 10,200. Then I think it ended up being like 300,000 and then last week all the sudden it was like a million! Kenya said she's never let her 12-year-old use his Down syndrome as a crutch. He has the same responsibilities in the household as the rest of his siblings. Kenya first started posting videos of Dehvin on Facebook with a hashtag, #downsyndromestillrocks. She said, The reason why I started posting videos of Dehvin was because I just thought that he beat the odds and I thought for him to have Down syndrome he had a special gift. Dehvin was walking well before doctors expected him to. He was potty-trained years before doctors expected. And each year his skills land him solos with a West Chester-based dance team called the "Swag Katz. The team is made up of young people with special needs and competes nationally against other groups. Kenya's videos celebrating Dehvin were originally just a way that she celebrated all of her children. But they've turned into a way for her to encourage other parents who have kids with special needs. I think that it was just letting parents know that no matter what your child has, as long as you're a strong parent and parents with support of family and friends that your child can do anything, Kenya said. Kenya said since Dehvin's video went viral she's been getting messages from other parents who have children with special needs. They've been asking her for advice, sharing positive feedback and words of encouragement. Dehvin and his dance team, The Swag Katz, have a showcase the weekend of Oct. 30. It's Saturday night at 7 p.m. at Midwest Cheer Elite in West Chester. Follow Angela Ingram on Twitter @newslaw1, and LIKE her on Facebook.

Published 3 years ago

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