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Searching for Me


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Inside each one of us, there is this desire to search for more than what the eye can see? When we stare at the sky, we long to know what is really out there? who is out there? and ask questions beyond ourselves. The truth is, we are all searching for the same answer. Is there a God? and if so, how do we encounter him?

When Central asked us to create a piece that helped ask the question, #&34;What is out there?#&34;, we jumped at the opportunity. This creative piece was shot over a 2 day period in the Niagara Region. We loved working with the producers at Central to create this incredible piece.

Production Company: Media That Matters
Client: Central
Director: Scott Trapasso
Producer: Andrew Plett
Script: Tom Loewen and Andrew Plett
First A/C: Christoph Benfey
Sound Capture: Caleb Johnston
Sound Design and Post Audio: Derek Elliotson
LD / Grip: Josh Ruser
Grip: Andrew Baker
Actress: Nyah Sykes

Shot on the RED Dragon and Canon Primes.

Published 3 years ago

Category Video  /  Spoken Word

TagsScott Trapasso Media That Matters RED Dragon

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