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Southern Gospel Revival: Ben & Micah Hester - By The Riverside


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#&34;By The Riverside#&34; is a Negro spiritual which pre-dates the American Civil War. Though it was first published in 1918, the song's deep spiritual origins have kept it alive through present day. Ben & Micah Hester of #&34;Isaac & Adele” lend the purity of their soulful voices to a modern arrangement of this southern gospel standard.

The roots of Southern Gospel reach back to a time when singing together was a way of life. People would come from miles around to join in song, and be a part of something that was bigger than each individual could ever be on their own. It was a real community of both Faith and music.

As an homage to that community we wanted to create a modern take on traditional Southern Gospel heritage. We asked musicians from a variety of genres, styles and bands to come together for a Revival of Southern Gospel Music.

The recordings are available to watch below and are for sale on iTunes and Google Play. All songs were recorded live in single takes with no overdubs and all heart. We hope you love them.

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